Frequency Specific Microcurrent can be used with or without acupuncture.

Like acupuncture, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, or FSM, is a gentle but profoundly effective treatment for many conditions. If you don't want needles, then FSM can be a stand-alone treatment.
The practitioner gathers information about your history and condition, and then selects frequencies that are specific to the problem and you. The frequencies are then applied by an extremely small current, (at the level of the body's own micro-amperage) via moist towels or contacts. The current is so small that you don't feel anything, but significant enough to improve cellular functioning.
What is unique to FSM is that the current also delivers information to the cells to help correct cellular functioning. As Dr. McMakin (pioneer of FSM) says, "The frequencies work on cells like your key remote works to unlock your car door", thereby helping the body to exit patterns of pain or dysfunction.